Cougar Soccer Week Of March 14

This Week:
Monday – Game @ Bend High – 15th street field (JV at 2pm, Varsity at 4pm)- JV players excused from class at 12:45 on Monday
Tuesday – Practice
Wednesday – Practice
Thursday – Photos (see below) and Practice
Friday – Game vs Summit @ Home (JV at 2pm, Varsity at 4pm)

Rules Reminder:
Please remember all jewelry, earrings, nose rings, necklaces are illegal and will not be worn. As per rules, they must be removed and cannot be covered with tape, your hair, or your mask. If they are difficult to remove, please do so before coming to the game. Coaches will be checking, and players cannot play with jewelry in.

This week we will have photos. We will do individual photos, and the team photo will be a composite of the players individual photos (not posed together). We will be safe and take social distancing measures. If you would like to order photos, it will be done all online here:
Game Spectators:
Limited spectators will be allowed at games going forward. We have distributed tickets (3 per player) for Monday’s game @ Bend High. Players will be receiving tickets (4 per player) for our home game on Friday. These tickets are for family members and NOT for other students (unless related). Please make sure to show proper respect to the game, event managers, officials, and referees when in attendance.

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