2021 Theme, Flexibility

Wow, what a past week it was… lots of cancelled everything. Please understand, we are trying our best, and even going forward there may be more reschedules and cancellations. I will try my best to keep you and your players up to date.

Please be aware that all events are subject to change, this is for a few reasons:

Air Quality: The AQI must be below 100 for games, and below 150 for practice. The Athletic Director will advise on the “official” number

Transportation: There is a severe lack of bus drivers, so there may be situations where trips are cancelled, rescheduled, or teams must self-transport to games. ALL games in the Central Oregon area will be Self-Transport.

Officials: There is also a shortage of officials which will lead to games being “Stacked”. This may also mean rescheduling. Please be kind to the officials, as it is all we have.
Here’s to a great, somewhat normal, week.