2021 Girls Soccer Gear Fee

Girls soccer will have a $65 fee to cover the gear items that will be received by your soccer player this season. Please pay this fee ASAP. This fee is greatly reduced this season due to our shortened schedule.

You can pay this online (easiest, see below) or bring cash or a check made out to Mountain View Girls Soccer. Please bring checks/cash to Coach James. DO NOT go to the bookkeeper.

To pay the $65 Gear fee Online:


Students must sign into their account
(parent accounts cannot be used)
Username: is the Student ID Number:
Password: is Student’s Last Name – Password is case sensitive (1st letter capitalized)

Once signed in a screen appears:
Who are you shopping for?
Click on student name
Select = Items at student’s school
CATEGORIES: Girls Soccer
ITEMS: Girls Soccer Gear Fee

CHECK OUT (click shopping cart upper right corner)
CHECK OUT (click blue button)

Enter your credit card & pay now.

Payment completes your Girls Soccer Gear Fee – Spring 2021

2021 Gear Fee includes:

Uniform White Socks
Uniform Red Socks
Uniform Red Shorts
Practice T-Shirt
Team Warm Up Long Sleeve Top
Team Hooded Sweatshirt
Team Jacket

These costs are not meant to be a hardship on families. We try to keep this cost as low as possible for each player. Soccer Gear and Travel cost is one of the least expensive at Mountain View High School. Please contact the coach if this cost will be a burden for your family. In some cases, we can make arrangements for payments or payment plans.