Tryout Information

2022 Tryouts are here!

Tryouts will run from Monday, August 15 through August 18 from 8am to 11 am each day.
Friday, August 19th is a Team Retreat day for team building, goal setting, and season planning. Schedule is from 8am to 3pm (Location TBA). All players are required to attend unless previously cleared by the Head Coach.

You will find out your team placement on or before Thursday the 18th.

Players, please bring each day:

A SNACK (if needed)

Each day at tryouts, players will see the following elements which will help the coaching staff evaluate them.
A Measured Fitness Element
Technical Training And Exercise
A Competitive Element
A Scrimmage, or gameplay element.
Some of these elements may be combined.

From 8am to ~8:40 will be a measured fitness element.
Players will then be given a 15-20 minute break to change shoes, put on shin guards, eat, use the restroom, etc.
Tryout will resume at 9:00 AM.
Schedule subject to change due to Air quality, please be flexible.

Players will be evaluated and placed on teams based on four factors:
Technical ability (Your individual skill with and without the ball)
Tactical Knowledge (Your awareness of situations during play, positioning, etc.)
Physical (Fitness Level, Endurance, Speed, etc.)
Psychosocial (Personal Attitude, Confidence, Positivity, Competitive Drive, Coachability, and Interaction With Others.)

Tips for tryouts from Coach James:

EAT SOMETHING, or BRING SOMETHING TO EAT: Please make sure you are fueling your body with good foods so you can perform at your highest level. If you don’t like to eat before the fitness portion, bring food to eat after the fitness during the break. BONUS TIP: Get some sleep too!

RELAX: As a coach, I know that sometimes it is a little intimidating to be evaluated. Try to relax and let the coaches worry about how well you are doing. If a coach makes a comment, try to make the change and apply it to the exercise. And if the coach writes something down… don’t assume it is a bad thing. (We write good things too!)

KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS: Try to do your best at all things, but know your biggest strengths and make sure to show them. If you are in incredible condition, make sure to showcase it. If you are really good at dribbling, show us. If you can kick the ball a mile, go for it. If you have a great attitude, keep a smile on your face, even through the toughest exercises.
On the other hand, If you aren’t great at something, make sure to listen to the instructions given and just try your best to follow the coaching comments and get the technique right. If you dread fitness, simply completing the activity without complaining is worth a lot.

MAKE DECISIONS: Many times I see a player who may not know what to do. Do I dribble or pass? Do I go to the ball, or stay back and support? Make a decision quickly, and don’t worry about if it is wrong (FORWARD FAST). As a coach, it is a lot easier to fix a bad decision, than it is to fix no decision. I’d rather see you make a decision and get it wrong (that’s how you learn), than make no decision.

COMPETE: This is a tryout. We are a program, and these are your teammates, but don’t be afraid to prove yourself. Take people on 1v1. Defend strong, take and block shots against other players. ultimately, this competition will help you get placed on a team.

DON’T CRITICIZE COMPETITION: If you get challenged, and the other player is working hard and being aggressive, do not criticize them for doing so. It means they are competing, which they should be. Instead of complaining about others, change your behavior and compete as well. This will help raise the level of everyone, rather than chop down those that are working hard.

Good luck to everyone!