Parent “Night” Info

Contact Info:
Head Coach – James Erickson – Email
This is my 5th Season as Varsity coach, my 10th season in the program, and my 18th season coaching High School girls soccer.
I have been a part of a lot of soccer journeys including many players who have gone onto play in college (at all levels) and have even had a couple head to play professional overseas.
The best method of contact for me is by email. If you need anything, please feel free to send an email, or respond to our weekly updates.
Throughout the season, I send an email once a week with information about the season.
JV Coach – Brittney Lindstrom It is Brittney’s first year with our program sand she is coaching the JV team. Her email is
Assistant/JV2 Coach – Jordan Moore – Jordan is a third coach in this program and will assist Brittney this season as well as coach some JV2 opportunities this season to allow some players to pick up more playing time.

Athletic Director – Lance Haas – Email

Athletic Trainer – At this time, Mountain View does not have a dedicated athletic trainer. We currently have a rotating schedule of trainers coming in on a regular schedule.
We work closely with The Center to monitor player injuries through our athletic trainers.

If you student is injured or hurt during a game or practice, they will be referred to an athletic trainer by a Coach. The AT will see and evaluate the injury and give some instruction on what to do next. They will also be in close communication with medical staff in Bend, and with us as coaches so we are taking proper measures to return the player back to play, or rest them further. This includes Concussion evaluations and return to play protocol.

Accountability and Communication:
Your children are growing up, and are in High School now. For us as coaches, that means keeping them accountable for their own schedules and behaviors. This includes the standards and expectations we have as a program, what to wear at practice and games, as well as any changes to our practice schedule. If you have a question about the schedule, or something else, please check with your player first before talking to the coaches. It is likely they will know the information.

Weekly Email:
As you may already know, throughout the season, I will send you a weekly email with information about the schedule and happenings for the week. If you haven’t seen an email yet, please check your spam folder.

New Conference, New Classification
This year we are now in the 5a Classification and a new conference. This will reduce our long travel requirements and mean more home games this season. This conference includes all the schools in Bend and Redmond. WE will play each team twice, once at home, and once away.

Schedule @ OSAA
Our game schedule is located at:
Use the tabs above the Schedule to see the JV Schedule.
This schedule may change throughout the season. The coaches will update the players with any changes, as well as noting them in our weekly email.

Code Of Conduct/Player Expectations:
Yesterday, we sent home a couple of forms for the players (and parents) to read, sign, and return. The Player Expectations form lists some of the basics that are expected from them throughout the season, and the Code OF Conduct is a form for both players and supporters/parents to adhere to during contests and games. The expectations form sets the expectations the players will adhere to within our program, and the Code of Conduct lays out our, and your, behavior at games.

Referees will be treated with respect at ALL TIMES during ALL CONTESTS this season both at home and away games. We have a severe referee shortage and do not want to discourage any from continuing to help facilitate the game we love. Be the standard.

Playing Time:
We are a competitive program, and although we like to make sure players get maximum amount of playing time, playing time will not necessarily be equal. Playing time on the JV Team(s) my be more equal than on the Competitive Varsity team. There also may be opportunities for players to pick up additional games at the JV2 level.
Playing time for the individual player will take into account a lot of factors including skill, work ethic, behavior, and adherence to player expectations.
We encourage players who would like more playing time to discuss that with their coach.

2022 Travel:
Our travel will all be handled by district busses. We have one long travel trip coming up to Churchill. Our in-city travel will be self-transport. Our Redmond/Ridgeview travel will be provided to the contest, but not returning. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a coach give any player a ride to or from any team event including practices, team dinners, games, etc.

Seek The Plus:
As you may have noticed, our theme this year is “Seek The Plus”. This means to seek out positive circumstances, attributes, and outcomes in our situations, ourselves, and others. We do this on the field and off. Also notice on the shirt, the US is highlighted. WE also want to seek positive ways to come together.

If you have any questions, please email Coach James at